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Today, DSSP members are a recognised force in the workplace and enjoy preferential treatment in the job market. The DSSP currently has about 200 members on its rolls and encourages ambitious young professionals to apply for membership. New members join the DSSP as Associate Members for one year and thereafter become permanent members. Associate members work on various Committees, thereby generating new thoughts and ideas into the DSSP.

The Society holds periodical tea/luncheon meetings at which are discussed various matters of interest to the Secretarial profession in general and Pakistan in particular. Seminars, workshops and secretarial courses conducted by DSSP`s own senior members as well as outstanding professionals in various business disciplines, are among the routine activities enjoyed by the general body.

The DSSP is also deeply committed to charities, both local and international, having made sizeable donations to various causes. The South-East Asian Tsunami Relief Fund, the Baluchistan Earthquake Relief Fund, hospitals and hospices. The Society also sponsored a little girl from the SOS Children`s Village.

During 2015 – 16, the DSSP contributed to three charitable causes:

1) Little Ariana Quettawala had a rare blood disorder which only a bone marrow transplant carried out in Singapore could cure. As the family had exhausted all their resources, they turned to the community, friends and family for help. At the 24 Jan. 2016 lunch, the DSSP members present, donated generously and this was combined with DSSP's own funds to help with her treatment. Ariana had the transplant around April, responded well to treatment and is on her way to recovery.

2) Providence Home, run by the religious order of the Daughters of the Cross caters to children from broken Homes. Presently the Home houses around 20 girls aged from 6 – 16. Besides educating the girls, they are taught cooking, sewing and other skills enabling them to make a life for themselves once they are grown.

3) St. Vincent’s Home for the Aged, run by the religious order of the Franciscan Missionaries of Christ the King caters to the destitute aged. Currently there are around 30 residents who, either have no family member to care for them or whose family is unable to do so. All the necessities of life are provided to them.

Both these Homes are under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Karachi.
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